Sephora Launches 40 Shade Lipstick collection!

If, like us, you love Sephora's ultra-quality, super affordable home brand then you're gonna love this! Sephora has just added FORTY (yes 40!) new lipsticks to their collection! The #lipstories collection features 3 finishes; matte, metal and cream, and true to form the lipsticks are purse friendly at only $8 each, plus the vast shade range means there is something for every taste - even including blues and greens!


LoveLove, Brunch Date, After Hours, A little magic, Labrynth City, Golden Gate, Wanderlust, Off-Limits, Trippin, Celebrate, Twolips, Take a Bite, All Washed Up, First Class, City Beat, Woof, In the Clouds


Take a Spin, No Cell Service, Festival Lights, Hong Kong by Night, Coconut Grove, Ice Breaker, Ouch, Just add Tinsel


Somewhere in Spain, Tan Lines, Oui, Spring Break, Matinee, Yum Yum, Malt Shake, Fireside, Berry-liscious, Desert Trip, Popsicle Lips, Deep Water Bay, Pineapple Express, Hot in Havana, Cash Money

The shades are designed to be long wearing to last through your everyday adventures and each one is wrapped up with a different inspiring image (our faves are YumYum and Woof)!

The new collection is available online now and will hit stores on December 26 - which one will you choose?! We think they will pair perfectly with our very own Bella&Bear Rusty Spotted Cat Lip brush!