Genius Eyebrow Hack

Even though we love spending time on our brows, there are those days when time is of the essence and we just need to do .... well, something! Queue beauty guru Promise Tamang - she recently demoed a genius eyebrow hack over on her insta and we just knew that we had to try it for ourselves.

All you'll need for this hack is your Bella&Bear Straight tweezers, your Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brow brush, and your fave brow product (we love the Freedom Makeup brow pomade.

Simply start by coating the edges and tip of your tweezers with your brow product, using your Iberian Lynx brow brush - be sure to get an even, generous coat on them, we find it helps to lightly spritz the tweezers and brow brush with a setting spray first to get the product moving across the tweezers' surface.

Then, holding the tweezers in their usual position, begin to drag the edge along the brow, starting at the head of the brow and working towards the tail.

Once we hit the high point of our arch we pinch the tweezers together to create a narrower tail to the brow.

This hack will ensure that both brows are even and neat! You can then re-apply your product to your tweezers and repeat on the other brow!

Finish by filling in the brows with your usual product - we also like to brush them through with the spoolie end of our Iberian lynx to disperse excess product and soften the look! 

Have you tried this brow hack? Promise always has the coolest ideas and we think this one is a winner!! Don't forget, you can find our tweezers, brow brush and all of our other beautiful pieces in our online store right now!