Skincare Switchup; Fall tips

It's that cosy time of year when the mornings are crisp and the evenings draw in, we wrap up in our toasty coats and scarves ...but what does that mean for our skin? We all want a fresh, glowing skin year round, but your skincare routine must change throughout the year to keep up with the changes in temperature, atmosphere and season in order to maintain that glow!
Today we're sharing our top tips for getting a gorgeous skin as the colder months come in; they're simple to maintain and will really make all the difference to your skin at this harsh time of year!

Lets start with step 1 .. cleanser. In the summer time a light-weight foamy cleanser will do the trick, but during the Fall they just don't make the cut. Your skin needs serious moisture from the cold, dry air; so opt for a rich creamy cleanser instead.  
We recommend | Pixi rose Cream cleanser | Bodyshop Drops of Light Cleanser | Cetaphil Cleanser | Glossier cleansing Jelly | B. Creamy hydrating cleanser |

Toners are great for stripping excess oil and products off of the skin, but in the crisper months, a little skin oil is a must to stop it from drying and flaking. Rather than rubbing a liquid toner over your face, try a hydrating, toning mist. It'll give your skin a refreshing boost without stripping it of essential oils 
We recommend; Bodyshop face mist | Pixi Glow mist | Saturday skin essence mist | Vitamin E Hydration mist | &Hobbs rose toning spray 

Of course you want to rid you complexion of dead, flaky skin cells to stop it looking dull, but be wise. Choose to exfoliate only once or twice per week in the Fall, or you could risk stripping your skin of its natural oils causing it to be even drier and become tight and itchy. Use a microbead or bead-free exfoliator (or glycolic peel) for gentle exfoliation - also great for those with sensitive skin. 
We recommend; Benefit smooth it off | Soap&Glory greatest scrub of all | LoveBeauty petal moisturising scrub | Naturally Radiant Micro polish | LizEarle Gentle Face exfoliator | 

Before you apply your moisturiser, be sure to go in with a serum for a concentrated, intense hit of hydration, helping the skin to appear more radiant. You could also mix a couple of drops of oil with your moisturiser once or twice a week for a silky smooth and bright skin!
We recommend; Bodyshop Vitamin E Serum-in-oil | L'Occtaine Shea comforting oil | Glossier Super Glow | Dr botanicals superfood oil | La Mer hydrating serum 

For an intense dose of hydration, we recommend a weekly mask. Be sure to choose one with hydrating properties and ingredients to give your skin just what it needs. And, don't forget, you can apply your mask evenly and precisely with our Bella&Bear Ocelot large concealer brush.
Some of our faves; Neutrogena Hydro boost | GlamGlow thirstymud treatment | LUSH Mask of Magnaminty | Burts Bees Intense Hydration Mask | Lancome Hydra intense |

It goes without saying that the cold air can really dry out and tighten your skin this time of year, so rather than a light lotion, reach for a rich, creamy moisturiser. We recommend using specific day and night time ones too, to really quench your skin and keep it fresh. Make sure you work that moisturiser around the neck and decolletage as well to keep your skin young and plump.
We recommend; Charlotte Tilbury magic Cream | Fresh Deep Hydration | Creme de Glossier | Liz Earle Skin Repair | NIVEA Night Cream 

It might not be as appealing as the cold air rolls around, but be sure to keep drinking your water to keep your skin clear and hydrated from within. Make it more fun by picking up an inspiring bottle or thermos to carry around with you, too!

What are your top Fall skincare tips? Share them with us on Facebook and don't forget that you can find all of the Bella&Bear pieces pictured here in our online store right now - be sure to use our Blogger of the month code for a special discount!