The Mean Girls Palette has Landed and it is SO Fetch

45 minutes!

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Thanks to the new Storybook Cosmetics x Mean Girls Burn Book Palette it is now not only Wednesdays that we wear pink!

The totally fetch Burn Book style palette contains 12 shadows in a mix of matte, pearl and shimmer finishes, each with a name straight outta the classic itself... duh!

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ROW 1 (L-R); 'Is Butter a Carb?','Grool','Glen Coco'
ROW 2 (L-R); 'So Fetch','Wednesday','She Doesnt Even Go Here'
ROW 3 (L-R); 'The Plastics','Regina George','Mouse...Duh'
ROW 4 (L-R); 'You cant sit with us','Cool mom','October 3rd'

Gorgeous swatches of our Mean Girls Storybook Palette by @dupethat! Who's ready for Nov 1!!!!

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This palette is almost as hot as Aaron Samuels - and the great news it is available right now directly through the Storybook Cosmetics website for $55!

We think it would look totally grool stacked up on your vanity with our very own Kitten 15 piece brush set (you can find it here).