The Perfect at home mani + Seasonal polishes

Autumn is the perfect time to rock a killer mani - and the good news is you can do it right in your own home. Get the girls together for a pamper evening and a glass of bubbles or have some me time and paint those claws. 

In today's post we show you how to achieve that salon worthy mani at home - and we have put together a list of some of our fave seasonal shades. What more could you need?!

1. File / 2a. Burts Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream / 2b. Cuticle Pusher / 3. Cuticle Nippers / 4. Buff block / 5. Seche Vite Base Coat / 6. Soap&Glory Hand Food Hand cream / 7. Tweezers

1. Start by filing your nails; you could create an oval shape, square or rounded - whatever you like best. Be sure to file the nails in one direction only so as to not rip the nails and make them brittle.

2. Apply a cuticle cream - this will nourish and soften the cuticles making them easier to push back and stopping them from growing up the nails and splitting. You can work the cream into your cuticle with you thumbs. Then use the flat end of your cuticle pusher to gently push them back and away from the nail bed. You can use the tipped edge to get into the crevices of your cuticles and make sure any stubborn pieces are moved away.

3. Now its time to get rid of those pesky cuticles -you don't want to remove them completely, just make sure they aren't growing too much over your nail, so take your cuticle nippers and very carefully clip them. New nippers can be very sharp so go slowly, removing a bit at a time.

4. Pick up your buffing block now and gently move it over the nail plate, back and forth, to smooth and even it out - making for a perfect polish application.

5. Lets apply the base coat. The best way to apply your polish (this goes for base coat, top coat, and colours) is in 3 clean swipes. Start by swiping the brush up the middle of the nail, then the left part, then the right part - this will ensure an even application and no streaks. You should repeat this on each coat of polish and be sure to leave atleast 2 minutes drying time between each coat.

6. Now is the best time to apply your hand cream, there will be no smudges if you do it at this stage so generously apply your fave one and let it sink in!

7. You can now go in with your colour polish - you can see some of our fave seasonal shades below , everything from autumnal mustards to bottle greens! Dont forget you can use your Bella&Bear pointed tweezers to apply your nail embellishments; gems, confettis and the like!


1. Butter London Chancer / 2. Barry M burgundy crush / 3. China Glaze Drastic / 4. CND Nightspell / 5. Ciate Dangerous Affair / 6. Collection Blackberry / 7. Barry M Black Cherry / 8. China Glaze define good /  


1. Christian Louboutin Zoulou / 2. China Glaze Evening Seduction / 3. Ciate Maybe baby / 4. INLP Cabin fever / 5. Pretty Vulgar Deep Dark Secret / 6. Zoya cinnamon / 7. Barry M Almond /  8. OPI suzy loves cowboys / 9. Chanel androgyny 


1. OPI Its a piazza cake / 2.  Zoya pippa / 3. ILNP atomic sherbet / 4. YSL Vandal orange / 5. KL Caramello / 6. Essie chubby cheeks / 7. OPI My twin mimmy / 8. Essie playing Koi /


1. Zoya Natty/ 2. Illamasqua Kink / 3. Ciate Racing queen / 4. Zoya Hunter / 5. OPI Road house blues / 6. Barry M Black pistachio / 

 What are your favourite polishes for the fall season? Share with us on social media and don't forget you can find our tweezers and all of our other beautiful pieces in our online store right now - some are on sale too!