The Perfect Summer Pedi

Summer time is all about the sandals right?! Wedges, flats, lace-ups, what ever your style it's always nice to have a set of perfectly pedied toes to match. So today, we're going to show you how to get the perfect summer pedi at home in 10 simple steps - it's fun and easy, you could even get your girls together and do each others!

1 - Start by using a foot file to slough off that dead skin, its good to do this step while the feet are dry to really pull off the dead skin cells - focus on the big toes, the balls and the heels of your foot.

2 - Next, soak your feet in a nice bowl of warm water (Or a foot Jacuzzi if you have one), infused with some refreshing foot soak - the BodyShop Reviving foot soak is our fave. Sit back and relax for 10 minutes, allowing the skin to soften and the product to sink in.

3 - Then, using a foot scrub - we love the Bomb Cosmetics Dr foot scrub - rub over the feet and ankles to remove any more dead skin, leaving the feet super soft and supple. Rinse your feet off in that same warm water and then pat them dry with a small towel.

4 - Now, taking a cuticle pusher or an orange stick, gently push back your cuticles. It helps to do this after soaking your feet as the cuticles will have been soften and will be easier to push back. Don't clip the cuticles, though, as they are there to protect your nails and stop any bacteria or infections getting in!

5 - Now using scissors or clippers, cut back your nails to the length you prefer. Be sure to cut straight across and not in a curve to avoid getting ingrown nails in the future.

Red polish / Orange polish / Yellow polish / Green polish / Blue polish / Indigo polish / Violet polish

6 - You can then use your file to gently round the ends of the nails, so that they dont catch or scratch.

7 - Use a buffing block to gently rub over the surface of the nails, this will even them out and make your polish application salon-worthy.

8.Next, use a luxurious foot cream to massage your feet and up the calf, one of our ultimates is the Lush pink peppermint cream. You could also pop on some socks and leave the cream to really drench the skin for 30 minutes for the ultimate soft soles.

9. Then, taking a damp cotton disc, rub over the nails to remove any excess cream - the oils in the cream will stop your nail polish from sticking to the nails properly and you'll see chips much sooner!

10. Finally, apply a base coat to the nail, this will stop any coloured polishes from staining the nail surface. Allow plenty of time to dry, then follow with 2 coats of your fave summer colour for maximum opaqueness, plus a top coat to lock it all in.

To take it to the next level, use your Bella&Bear pointed tweezers to apply tiny crystals to your nails in pretty designs!

What are your top pedi tips? Dont forget you can shop the Bella&Bear pieces used here in our online store right now!