The weirdest Crazes on Insta

It's no secret that there have been some weird and wonderful trends hitting the scene in the last few years. With the rise of Insta, our eyes have been opened to all sorts of crazes and it seems that there's no slowing down in 2017. Take a look at some of the weirdest crazes on insta right now...


Marble nails might have been hot last year but now they are making way for their hotter sister; marble lips. Bloggers and makeup lovers everywhere are reaching for this trend, using a white base and blending in greys and blacks for a marble effect. The more adventurous add streaks of gold too, for an even bolder look.

If you want to try this look yourself then be sure to use your Bella&Bear Serval liner brush to add in those grey streaks, it'll give you a neat application and precise finish.


Avocado's seem to have jumped off of our toast and straight into our beauty regimen. Beauty brand WinkyLux, known for their kitsch designs, have recently launched their very own avocado matte liquid lipstick - made with avocado oil for super moisturised lips while giving a matte finish.

You can shop the 5 shades right now for $13 through the winkylux website and if you shop before the end of may you'll even get a free cutesy cherry pin!



It seems that enough is never enough in the world of brows and just when we thought we'd seen it all with the feather brow trend which blew up Insta, we came across barbed wire brows. The almost bed-head looking style is gaining popularity like a run-away train and you can use your Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brow brush to re-create the trend for yourself!


Another festival season, another ridiculously out-there craze. This time we're being 'treated' to the Disco Tits trend. Forget you're simple, staple festival bindi, its now all about jazzing up your chest with glitter, sequins, rhinestones and basically anything that sparkles before you set off for a day at a festival to sweat it all off .... sure it looks good with a sternum tattoo, but we're not so sure about this one!


Here is one trend we are happy to see! Geode nail art is relatively new, but its beautiful, mystical and super eye-catching when done right! Geodes are sparkly and come in a variety of enchanting colours which translates beautifully to nail art - especially when one feature nail is paired with a set of block matte nails!

What do you think of the latest Insta crazes?! Share your thoughts with us on social media! And, don't forget that you can find all of the Bella&Bear tools listed here, and many more, in our online store right now!