The Highlighters to Transform you into an IRL Mermaid this Summer!

Unicorn products seem to be everywhere right now and there is only one other trend to match it - mermaid. Mermaid products seem to pop up right around summer time, offering us sparkly, iridescent goodness to make us feel like a mystical, magical water godess! The great thing is that mermaid products are not just great for festivals, they look stunning incorporated into everyday looks, too!

That's why we were super excited when we heard tell of a new set of 'Blindinglow' highlighters by Glitter Injections. The Cream highlighters are water resistant and iridescent to give you that genuine mermaid glow. They come in 5 shades

. AUTOGRAPH - an iridescent purple

. FAME - a blinding gold 

. OWN THE STAGE - a dazzling iridescent pink

. SHE'S JELLY - a white green

. FAN MAIL - a mystical white blue

The highlighters usually sell at $20 each but you can pick up the whole bundle for $88 to cover all of your summer adventures! They are available right now and just so you glitter fanatics know - they sell a plethora of other sparkle infused pieces too ;) 

Don't forget to pick up your Bella&Bear Kitten set to use with these highlighters - there's a brush for every job so you can achieve any look you dream of! Plus, you can get 15% off right now using code 'KITTEN15' - check out our online store!