Valentines; DIY plant pots

Hand-made, kitsch gifts are always the sweetest aren't they?! And, you're in luck cause we've got the perfect one for you today - whether you're a crafting wizard or a D.I.Y novice you will be able to make this little gift and it'll be well received by your loved one this valentines! 


. A few window-sill sized plant pots in pastel colours (we picked up these).
. Some paint pens (we used these), or alphabet stamps.
. Herbs or house plants

. To start we're using a pencil to trace out some wording on our pots. You could type something in on your pc and try it in different fonts to get an idea of the style you'd like. We used cute puns but you could write anything your heart chooses. Here are some ideas;

. I love spending Thyme with you
. We're Mint to be
. I Dig you
. Peas be mine (if you're using sweet-peas)
. I'm a Succ-er for you (If you're using succulents)
. Plant one on me
. Be my Valen-thyme?
. Lets grow together
. You're kind of a big Dill
. You had me at aloe
. Good chives only
. I'm stuck on you (if you're using a cactus) 

. If you're not confident with writing it out yourself then draw on some little dots where you would like your letters and then stamp them on with your alphabet stamps instead, you could try using different coloured inks to make them super unique!

. Once your paint has dried on your pots then pop the plants in and add in your little flags.

Et voila!

Aren't they just so sweet? They make perfect little gifts, or you could even use them as seasonal decor for your own home! Be sure to tag us in your snaps of your very own makes, for a chance to be featured on our grid! Happy Valentines day!