Ways to spread festive cheer!

There may only be one week left until the big day, but that doesnt mean its too late to spread a little festive cheer around. Spreading happiness is simple and can be fun too!

Everyone loves cookies right? And, handmade ones are always extra special! You could bake some little cookies for your neighbours, your colleagues or your friends! Wrap them in treat bags finished with a coloured bow and they'll be the perfect little cheer-giver! You could try our cookie wreath for a special treat!

As we write out our cards for friends and family we often forget about those who aren't with their loved ones at this time of year. If you are able to, it is a great idea to make cards to send to people who need it the most this season; check out local info for sending cards to a soldier, an elderly person in care or hospital patients; something so small and easy to do can mean to world for them and really bring them some Christmas cheer.

Down the sofa, rolling around the bottom of your purse, even hiding in kitchen the cupboard. Spare change gets everywhere, so instead of trying to find a place for it to gather dust, how about collecting it all up and popping a few pieces into donation buckets that you pass while Christmas shopping or on your way to the office. Loose change may be nothing to some but everything to others so be sure to make good use of it and spread some cheer!

Sometimes people can feel lonely at this time of year if they live away from their family. So, why not host a movie night with a few close friends; snacks, drinks and cosy cushions, you could even use your Bella&Bear brushes to do makeovers for each other! It could really brighten up someones season to spend some time with their nearest and dearest! Check our at home movie night post for some fun ideas!


We all have old clothes we swore we would wear again this time last year which haven't actually budged from the corner of the closet. Just like loose change, your pre-loved clothing could be a life line for someone less fortunate, so gather together anything you don't use anymore and donate it. Women's shelters will appreciate your clothing, hospitals and care homes can always use baby clothing and toys and there are plenty of charity or thrift stores which are always grateful for donations, so rather than hoarding it all make someone super happy this season by donating.

How do you like to spread a little cheer at this time of year? Just so you know, all of the products pictured here can be found in our own online store!