Your 2017 Can-Do List


It's 2017 - the year of taking control and steering things in your direction! Instead of resolutions, how about writing yourself a 'can do' list this year? It's more positive, full of achievable milestones and will give you an all around happier look on life! If you're not sure where to start then simply follow our can do list!



Simply adopting a more positive attitude can really affect the way your world works. Try replacing your 'sorry's' with 'Thank you's' and watch how your mindset changes to a happier one. You'll really notice how a positive vibe can also affect the people around you, you'll all feed off the good feeling you get from being around each other and it'll multiply tenfold! 2017 could be the year of positivity if you start making small and simple changes today! 


This could mean different things to different people, but it will have the same effect for all of us. Investing in yourself is so important as it will give you a good feeling of self-worth, which is something that will soon lead to a more rewarding quality of life. We are all so busy nowadays that we often forget to take some time to treat ourselves to the things we enjoy; whether that be something as simple as a face mask and a hot bath or something a little larger like a new set of makeup brushes (Check out or store to shop our new releases!) or a break away to a new city. Investing in yourself doesn't have to cost money, but it is something we should all do more of in 2017.


Isn't it nice when someone smiles at you? Your neighbour, the cashier at the store, even a stranger. Why not be that person? A simple smile can change someones whole day, and you could be responsible for that. A smile is the worlds most powerful gesture and smiling actually stimulates the brains reward mechanism more than eating chocolate! One little smile can make you feel more joyful, positive and high-spirited so start smiling more today.



Being organised is such a simple trick to helping you feel good. Writing yourself a little list of small and simple-to-achieve targets often - and subsequently ticking them off - will make you feel more in control of your life and therefore happier with it. How about treating yourself to some stationery goodies or setting up an office style area to really get into the spirit of things - we just love Jemma from Dorkface Blog designs and stationery pieces!



Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is the danish way of life that is sweeping the rest of the world and you'll love it! Its all about being grateful for any good moment and making the most of any situation, whether it be lighting candles on a dark night, or cooking food with friends and family. Hygee lifts the spirit and makes you more thankful for the smaller things in life, so try it out. We recommend 'The Little Book oh Hygge' to help get you started!