Eyelash Curler

Q. Can I get Replacement Refill Pads

A. Yes we are happy to send you replacement pads if needed just contact us on our support email you find on the Contact Page (link)

Q. What is it made of?

A. The curler is constructed of stainless steel

Q. How about cleaning and care

A. We recommend wiping the pads weekly, lubricating with a tiny drop of baby oil and storing in the provided bag to prevent damage to the pads

Detangling Brush

Q. What is it made of

A. The brush is a plastic construction, it is hollow so it weighs very little, its perfect for popping in your handbag

Q. How should I care for it

A. Wipe down every now and then and remove any hair that happens to be caught in the bristles

Paddle Brush

Q. What is it made off

A. The Paddle Brush has a hard plastic frame, the Brush pad is a soft and flexible rubber and the bristles are nylon with a ball tipped end.

Q. Will it pull and tear my hair

A. No The brush is designed to be as gentle as possible and to stimulate and massage your scalp while leaving your hair soft and full and shiny.

Makeup Brushes

Q. What are the Brushes Made Of

A. All of our Brushes are made the same way, They are 100% Vegan and cruelty-free and made out of Synthetic Hair designed to give you the best possible result no matter the use. The handles are made of a high-quality solid timber.

Q. There is a slight smell when I first receive the Brushes

A. The Brushes have been glued and stamped during manufacture and then enclosed in their packaging straight after so they may have a slight smell when first opened, this will soon dissipate

Q. Should I wash The Brushes when I first get them

A. Yes we highly recommend washing them with a good quality brush cleanser before using

Q. How do I care for them

A. You have made an investment so it is wise to care for your brushes correctly. Depending on usage we recommend cleaning with a quality brush cleanser weekly and allowing to dry naturally. If you don’t use certain brushes as often then adjust your cleaning routine to suit.


Q. What are they made of

A. They are constructed of Stainless steel finished in Bella & Bear’s signature blue.

Q. Are they full sized A.

Yes they are, they are a full professional sized Tweezer Set.

Makeup Bag

Q. What is it made of

A. The Makeup bag is a synthetic leather made to be durable and easy to clean

Q. What Size Is It

A. The Bag measures 10X7X3 inches so it is certainly not a small bag but nor is it too large to travel with you

Q. How much storage does it have

A. The Makeup Bag has two large and two smaller zippered clear pockets so its easy to store and find your makeup when you need

Q. How do I clean it

A. Because of the material we used it is simple to keep clean, you just need to wipe it with a damp cloth or better yet some type of wet wipe which is my preferred method

Brush Holder

Q. What is it made of

A. The Brush Holder is made of a heavy duty frame covered by faux leather making it easy to clean and pretty much indestructible under normal circumstances

Q. How many Brushes will it hold

A. I fit my full set of 15 “Kitten” Brushes in it with room for more.

Q. What size is it

A. The holder is approx 3 inches round by 10 inches high when clipped together

Q. How do I keep it clean

A. Once again we made this easy and quick to look after, simply wipe it down with a wet wipe or damp cloth.

Hair Remover

Q. What is it

A. The hair remover is actually a stainless steel spring with plastic handles for easy use, it's that simple

Q. Will it hurt

A. Everyone has different tolerances, we have had customers who say they hardly notice using it and a few customers say its the worst pain ever. All we can say is that we have yet to come across an entirely pain free way to remove hair but the Facial Spring is quick, easy to use and natural meaning you don’t expose your skin to waxes and creams.

Q. How Do I Use It

A. We have full instructions on our website plus a demonstration video but we do suggest that it takes a few goes to really get the hang of it (link to post)

Q. Is there a best way to use it

A. Yes make sure you have a hot shower before using to open your pores and make things more comfortable.

Q. How long will results last

A. Again everyone is slightly different but you are removing the hair root and all so you should get 4 to 5 weeks before regrowth and the more you use the tool the easier and less painful it will become as your hair roots become less established.


Please note - All our products are 100% Vegan and Cruelty free!