6 uses for your Bella&Bear Tweezer set

You've probably seen our beautiful Bella&Bear The 'Pluckers' tweezer trio - you may even own them, you lucky gal! But, did you know that you can use your tweezers for more than just hair removal?! In today's post we're showing you how to get the most from your tweezer set - don't forget the handy storage pouch also makes them ideal for taking on-the-go!


Drawing on your brows may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about using your tweezers - but it can be done! We created a post to show you just how to do it using your straight edge tweezers - it's super simple and gives even, neat brows every time!


Jewellery lovers rejoice, no longer do you need to muddle along with those tangled up dainty chains and necklaces, getting frustrated when the knot gets tighter and tighter as you try your hardest to un-do them. Simply use your pointed tweezers to loosen any knots, making the gaps in them larger, and then use your hands to un-do them completely. Good as new!


Want to go a little extra on that at-home mani? Or, got a festival coming up and want to embellish your skin with a little sparkle?! Grab those pointed tweezers! They make light work of precisely and effortlessly placing sequins and gems onto your nails and skin, meaning cleaner work and easier application! Shine on!


If you want the best, most undetectable false lash application then get reaching for those slanted tweezers! Not only does holding the lash strip in your tweezers stop the spread of germs from fingers, it also makes applying glue to the band easier and less messy - as well as giving you the ability to place the falsies as close the natural lash line as possible, perfectly blending your natural lashes in with the false ones! Swoon!


Your pointed tweezers aren't just great for removing those pesky ingrown hairs - they're also the perfect tool to help you get rid of splinters. Ensure they are clean first, of course, and then go ahead and safely and hygienically pull out any painful splinters with ease!


Frayed and ripped denim is super trendy, and the best part is that it is also totally DIY-able. All you need is your pointed tweezers and you can fray and distress 'til your hearts content. You can see our post all about doing it yourself right here!

If you don't own our legendary tweezer set yet, you can shop it right now in our online store (along with all of our other gorgeous goodies) - and don't forget to share your Bell&Bear snaps with us on Insta for a chance to be featured on our grid!