BH Cosmetics launches wearable unicorn palette!

Unicorn products have been all the hype for like, forever, but how many of them are actually something you could really use in your everyday look? Not so many we're betting!

But budget friendly brand BH Cosmetics have taken note of this and answered our prayers with a brand new wearable unicorn palette in collaboration with German beauty Guru Marvyn Macnificent. The palette is bursting with whimsical, yet wearable shadows and highlights! Swoon!

Housed in the most adorable packaging you'll find 10 highly pigmented shadows and 3 glittering highlights. In the top row of the palette you've got your essential nudes and neutral shadows, the second row offers 3 heart shaped highlights - again in usable shades, followed by the third row offering transition shades as well as a couple of usable, blendable brights!


Top Row (Shadows) L-R; 'Flodder', 'Muddi', 'Honeyboboo', 'K bye', 'Bahamas'
Middle Row (Highlights) L-R; 'Sheesh', 'Livin' da life', '8000'
Bottom Row (Shadows) L-R; 'Moana', 'Tongue pop', 'Savage', 'Breakdown', 'Spray Tan' 

The palette is available now for just $18 through the BH Cosmetics website and is expected to sell out fast so grab one while you can!