D.I.Y Brush Cleaning board

If you're like us and have a million-and-one makeup brushes that you just cant live without (did someone say 'The Kitten'?) , then you'll know that a cleaning egg just wont cut it. You need a larger surface to clean your brushes on and get into all their crevices and bristles. Today, we are here to show you how to make your very own brush cleaning board and you'll only need a couple of simple pieces of equipment!

You're going to need a plastic or laminated clipboard in any colour you like! You can pick these up in craft or stationary stores dirt cheap. You'll also need a glue gun with a 3 or 4 sticks of glue- and that's it!
Start by setting out an area which is laid with newspapers or cloths to work on mess-free and allow your glue gun to heat up.
Once it's ready you can start with your design, we began with small dots for cleaning our smaller brushes. Don't worry about the strands of glue that go between the dots, we can get rid of them later.
Next we added some waves to help get in between the bristles of our brushes and we followed this with larger dots for cleaning our larger brushes. 
To finish we created some diagonal lines to get the bristles moving and lift that dirt!
Let everything dry completely and then you can go in with your fingers or a cotton bud and just pull away the strands of  unwanted glue, throwing them away.

That's it! Seriously!

You can then put some brush cleaner on your board and start washing your brushes with it! Hooray for bacteria free brushes and flawless skin!
How often do you clean your brushes? You can find all of our top brush-cleansing tips in our guide here. Share your tips with us on social media and don't forget you can shop all of our brushes in our online store right now - use code 'KITTEN15' to get 15% off of your Kitten Brush kit!