Glitter hacks to use this festival season

During festival season, it's pretty much inevitable that you're gonna get covered in glitter - whether you apply it yourself or it gets transferred off of your friends during those photo ops, its gonna happen. In today's post we're sharing our top glitter hacks to get you sparkle ready - and un-ready!

This little pot of wonder is all you need to get your glam glow on! Swipe some Vaseline onto your decolletage (or proffered area) using your Bella&Bear Ocelot large concealer brush and then press your glitter on top for ultimate festival whimsy.

One simple way to get glitter into your look is to create glitter brows! It sounds fiddly, but fear not; simply spray some of your fave hairspray into a small dish, add some glitter in and then dip the spoolie end of your Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brow brush in! Comb the mix through your brow hairs for a a fun, festival-esque finish! 

You might not have tons of packing space when festival bound so be smart and use your lash glue as your glitter fix. Not only is it skin safe, but it is also perfect for work on heavier items like gems and sequins, simply dab some onto the skin and use your Bella&Bear pointed tweezers to apply your sparkle! 

Before heading to your festival, pick up a few cheap make up sponges and simply cut them into different shapes.When you're getting ready, coat your shapes with your glitter fix of choice, dunk it into your glitter and stamp it onto your skin for instant D.I.Y glitter tattoo's!

As mentioned, you might not have unlimited packing space during festivals, so another double use item is your hand gel! You'll need it for keeping your fingers clean and sanitary of course, but it also works as a lighter glitter applicant. Apply some over your skin and then, while it is still wet, press your glitter on top. As it dries the glitter will be stuck to the skin but not sticky! 

You don't need a special tool in your kit to remove your sparkles. Simply press on and gently pull off some scotch tape to take off the bulk of it, and then finish by working an oil-based cleanser over the area to remove any remnants, and give your skin a refresh! Ta-da!

We hope you found our glitter hacks handy - be sure to share your Bella&Bear festival snaps with us on Insta for a chance to be featured on our grid. Don't forget you can shop all of the items seen in today's post, plus many more in our online store right now!