How to clean your falsies

False lashes are a girls best friend, right? They can take any look from blah to fabulous and beyond! They come in a variety of styles and lengths and really make the eyes pop! 

We all know that you shouldnt wear those falsies too many time though. But, even though they wont last forever there is a way to preserve the life of your lashes a little further. Today, we're gonna show you how!


Everything you'll need is already lying about the house! Your fave eye makeup remover, a small dish, your Bella&Bear tweezers and your Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx Brush and a couple of cotton discs. That's it!


Once you've removed your lashes pop them into a small dish. Then pour about a table spoon of your fave eye makeup remover over them, making sure they are well coated. We are using the NIVEA Daily Essentials Eye Makeup Remover.

Set this aside somewhere it wont be knocked over and leave to soak for 5 minutes - no more or the lashes could start to deteriorate.

You can then take your Bella&Bear Angled Tweezers in one hand and pick up one of the lashes with them. Then, using your Bella&Bear Pointed tweezers in the other hand, gently pull off any glue or dirt you can see on the lashes - this will mostly be along the band area. Be sure to wipe the pieces off each time onto a cotton disc.

Once you have pulled off as much dirt and glue as you can see you can lay the lash onto a clean cotton disc. Continue to hold onto it with your angled tweezers (hands can be dirty and transfer bacteria) and use your other hand to brush the spoolie end of your Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brow brush through the hairs. Brush the top and beneath of the lashes to get rid of any product and to re-shape the lashes to get that gorgeous fanned out look once again.

Set the lashes onto another clean cotton disc and allow them to dry off completely before using them again or storing them - this can take an hour or two.

You're then good to go! Your lashes are as good as new and ready to use once more! Remember, though, that falsies don't last forever so you will only be able to do this a few times before you need to buy a new pair, but even so, it is a great habit to have, as the less bacteria and dirt you have near to your eyes - the better!

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