How to safely remove your halloween makeups!

It's no secret that Halloween looks call for a lot of OTT products - cakey face paints, stubborn glitters, fake blood and even prosthetics. And, while its fun to rock for the night, all of these things can wreak havoc on your skin, so its best to remove them as soon as you can. Today, we're going to show you the right way to do exactly that!  

B.Pure Micellar Water / Garnier Micellar water / This works 5-in-1 water / NYX Micellar water / Kiehls Herbal micellar water


For your regular makeups and water-based makeups and face paints then your go-to cleanser will do the trick!
Cleanse once, generously applying product to the face and gently wiping off with a soft cloth and warm water, then cleanse again to pull off any deeper set makeup.
You can follow this with a swipe of micellar water to really get in there and rid your skin of stubborn makeup debris!

Bodyshop cleansing oil / L'occtaine comforting face oil / Revolution Rosehip seed oil / Burts Bees Baby bee oil


For those who have gone all out (corpse-bride blue, anyone?!) then straight up face oil is your hero here. The oil will act like a magnet for your heavy face paints, breaking it down on the skin so you can wipe it away easilyu without rubbing or scrubbing the skin raw. Be sure to do this before you go in with your cleanser to melt the rest away!
Bonus; oils are perfect for removing glitter too, just wipe some over the are with a cotton pad!


Send thanks to the makeup Gods, because there are such things are targeted products. Urban Decay have a whole range dedicated to removing makeup including the Meltdown Makeup remover lip oil stick for those stubborn lip stains and matte lip products, and try the Toofaced Mascara Melt Off if you've rocked the spider lash look.
You could try the Pur Makeup Melt away emulsifier for a gentle skin cleanse, too!


Fake Blood? If you've got a little staining from your faux-gore, simply smooth on a layer of non-gel shaving cream, then rinse off. The shave cream is said to help lift stains and dyes from the skin!
Skin Adhesives? If you've used Spirit gum and the like to hold those prosthetics in place, then always opt for a professional thinner and remover. Its the safest and most effective way of ridding the skin of adhesives and their residues!
Fake Tattoos? If you've gone down the rocker route and embellished your skin with some temporary art, then an oil-based exfoliator and exfoliating glove will be your saviours.

What are your top Halloween makeup removal tips?! and dont forget to share your Halloween snaps with us on Insta for a chance to be featured on our grid!