KYLIE Launches Valentines Collection!

It just wouldn't be a holiday without a new KYLIE collection would it?! The Beauty Mogul is back again with her brand new Valentines release! The collection features something for everyone and is housed in the most adorable packaging with red velvet hearts and kisses and bras, just as you'd expect!.

First, you'll find 3 lip sets, each containing a lip pencil, liquid lip and a topper gloss, retailing at $42 each.

Forever set - 'Built to Last', 'Forever and Always', 'Story of Us'
Love Set - 'Wish you were Here','You are a Gem', 'Sweet'
Soulmate Set - 'Call me', 'Beau', 'Blow me Away'.

There's also a darling new baby peach blush named 'Crush'.

You just know there's a new palette too ... because no KYLIE collection would be complete without it! This time round you'll find 12 pressed powders in a range of shades, from lilac, to pink, to burgundy to classic neutrals;

. Heartthrob - shimmer
. Princess - satin
. Blush - shimmer
. Pink Problems - satin
. Be Mine - shimmer
. February - satin
. Romance - shimmer
. Kandy Heart - satin
. Kinda Classy - shimmer
. First Date - satin
. Love Bug -  shimmer
. Admirer - satin

Lastly, you can also pick up a brand new baby pink glitter liquid eye shadow named 'Roses are Red'.

The collection is due to drop on Friday through so keep your eyes peeled sweethearts!