New ABH 'Soft Glam' Palette leaked online

Ever since the beauty industry began there have, unfortunately, been leaks.
Brands work super hard to draft out, trial, test and produce new products, often going through many designs before finding the perfect finished piece; they put together teasers and promos and send out the product for early reviews once it has been launched. But sometimes, this hard work is ignored and products are leaked before the brand has a chance to announce it themselves.
Last week this happened to cult fave brand Anastasia Beverly Hills - again. This isn't the first time leaks have happened to ABH but it doesn't make it any less disappointing for them.

The brand very recently suffered a leak for their upcoming new palette; Soft Glam. Having it revealed before they had the chance to do so themselves. But in true, ABH style they stayed classy; addressing the issue fairly and promising to not let it stop them from their plans for the palette!

Of course, images and news about the palette are now circulating, and creator Norvina is obviously hurt but is taking it all in good spirit by getting involved and showing off swatches of her new palette herself over on snapchat. 

#SWATCHES 🎨😍🙌🏼 @anastasiabeverlyhills New #EyeshadowPalette #SoftGlam I’m in #LOVE !!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼😍😍 Some of our favorite shades included !! . . #ComingSoon MARCH in stores *we will keep u updated . ‘I made this palette for my mom @anastasiabeverlyhills She is a neutrals 👑 and likes what she likes. I’ve been staring at the same hues of shadows in her makeup drawers since I was little. In truth it’s not just for her, it’s for everyone that loves this color story & wants shadows that melt on your skin and are packed with pigment. I created 7 new shades, used 3 from MR & incorporated my moms favorite ABH single shades which happen to be nudes Sienna & Orange Soda. There’s also Noir, because some of my favorite bridal makeup is a cat eye using mostly shadow that some of my favorite MUA’s create My philosophy on using existing single shades of those that are in a palette is this; if I can create a brand new shadow that isn’t in the line wonderful, however if some of the shades that work within the configuration are close enough to be an existing shadow, I’m not naming the new one something else and making you purchase a shadow that you can’t find as a single should you hit pan. Fair is fair & beloved shadows especially neutrals don’t exactly go out of style’ @norvina. . . . . 😍 What are your thoughts??? XO #Trendmood #anstasiabeverlyhills #abh pic: @norvina THANK U to our HOT! 🔥Makeup community for all the updates!!! U are AMAZING! 🙏🏼😘 . . . #eyeshadow #bbloggers #beauty #instamakeup #instabeauty #beautiful #beautyaddict #mua #makeupart

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One thing is for sure - ABH fans are some super supportive beauties. Tweets have been pouring in for the brand, and Norvina, to sympathise with them and also to show how excited they are for the release. If the Modern Renaissance palette is anything to go by, this one is gonna be a pure sell-out. It is filled with nudes, pinks and a few select smoky shades, too - we think it'll be ideal for bridal and prom looks.

We're sending our respect and love to ABH, and we know they can turn this frustrating leak into something positive for themselves and come back ten-fold. We're looking forward to seeing more swatches and photos of the housing, too! The new Soft Glam palette will be available in March and it already looks as though its going to be a hit.

What are your thoughts on product leaks? Exciting, or disrespectful?