NYE Emerald eye look

Emerald is said to be the colour of growth, reflection, peace and balance, so as we welcome in this New Year, we thought it was only fitting to include this meaningful and dazzling colour into our look! Filled with sparkle and glamour, our NYE look is set to make you as bright as any firework display. 

 As with any glitter look, it is a good idea to start with work on the eyes, this means if you have any glitter fallout you can just wipe it away without having to worry about destroying your base makeup.

We are first putting a primer onto the lid and blending it right up to the brow bone to lock our shadows in place and make them more vibrant. We used the TooFaced Shadow Insurance here.

Next, we are taking our Bella&Bear Sand cat brush and a matte ivory shadow and we are just going to work that all over the lid, again right up to the brow bone. This will give our lids an even colour. We used Pure from the Zoeva Naturally Yours palette here.

Next, using our Bella&Bear Bornean Bay Cat brush and a matte transition shade (we like to use a taupe or fair brown) we are working the colour into the crease of the eye with a windscreen wiper motion. Doing this will give a softer finish between our glitter and the skin rather than a harsh line. Again we used the Zoeva Naturally Yours palette, choosing shade Soft'N'Sexy.

Now, taking our Bella&Bear Leopard Cat brush and a matte black shadow, we are working it onto the outer corner of the eye in a V shape and along the crease of the eye. You can work slowly here, building up the colour to make it more intense and blending it into that transition shade.

Now, we are applying a concealer onto the lid of the eye and blending it in with our Bella&Bear Golden Cat brush - this will give our glitter a really good base to grip to. We used the Essence camouflage concealer.

To deepen the colour of our glitter and make sure it is opaque we are now going to top that concealer with an emerald or forest green shadow, pressing it on with our Bella&Bear Iromote brush. We love the BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Palette for this.

Its time to shine! Spritzing our Bella&bear Iromote brush with a little glitter fix we are then dipping it into our green glitter (be sure to use a skin safe glitter here as craft glitter can cause infections) and firmly pressing it on top of that green shadow. You could also use a little lash glue if you don't have a glitter fix.

Allow that some time to set, and then go back in with your black shadow, just redefining the crease and that smoked out outer corner. You can also use your Bella&Bear Marbled Cat brush to work some along the lower lash line here.

Now, lets line and define the eyes. Using a black liner and our new Bella&Bear Serval angled liner brush we are creating a thick wing along the upper lash line.

Of course, we want some killer lashes to match those sparkly eyes, so lets start by curling the lashes with our Bella&Bear Eye&Mighty curlers - curling for 20 seconds on each eye. We then applied a coat of our fave mascara, Too Faced Better Than Sex.

Finally, we added a set of falsies. Using our Bella&Bear angled tweezers we placed some Ardell Demi Wispies as close to the natural lash line as possible, allowing the glue time to dry before moving on.

Now, let's frame the eyes by filling in and defining the brows. We are first using our Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx brow brush to apply some ABH dipbrow pomade, filling in any sparse areas of the brows and sculpting out the shape. You can then go through with the spoolie end to evenly distribute the product

Now, taking your Bella&Bear Ocelot Large concealer brush, its time to 'carve out' the brows. We used some Essence camouflage concealer to outline the brows and give them a very strong and defined shape.

Now that the eyes are ready, lets work on that skin. As this is a special occasion look, we want to do a contour before we apply our base, but first we need to apply a primer to keep everything in place. We applied some Benefit Porefessional Pearl Primer to the face with our fingertips.

Using our Bella&Bear Marbled Cat brush, we are applying some City Colours contour cream to the hollows of the cheeks, the hairline, the sides of the nose and the jawline.

We then used our Bella&Bear Ocelot Large Concealer brush to apply some of the highlight cream to the cheekbones, The area below the eyes, the centre of the nose, the forehead and the area between the cheek and the jawline.

We then used our Bella&Bear Lynx Kabuki brush to blend it all in together.

Lets use a full coverage foundation for this look. Taking our lovely Bella&Bear Jaguar angled kabuki and some Estee Lauder Double wear, we are working it over the face with outwards and downward motions for a streak free finish. Lightly work it around the jawline and down the neck too, to avoid tide lines.

For a truly flawless skin, lets go in with some concealer. Using that same Essence camouflage concealer and our Bella&Bear Golden cat concealer brush we are disguising any problem areas such as dark circles or blemishes.

Now, to set that in place we are going to use our Bella&Bear Leopard Powder brush to press some Essence Go Matte powder onto the areas we concealed. if you have an oily skin or prefer a matte look you can dust the whole face with powder using your Bella&Bear Tiger powder brush.

You can spritz the face with a setting spray here to lock everything in place. we love the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

Let's add a little colour to the face now. Taking our famous Bella&Bear Bobcat Blush brush and a matte bronzer, like Hoola by benefit, we are dusting the hollows of the cheeks and the temples.

We also want to make sure that our eyes aren't the only thing that are glowing, so we are going to go in with a highlight. Using our Bella&Bear Cheetah Duo Fiber powder brush and a champagne highlight - such as the IHeartMakeup Blushing Heart in Iced Hearts - we are working it over the high points of the face; the cheekbones, the brow bones, the tip of the nose and the cupids bow. You can build this up as much or as little as you prefer.

Of course, the eyes are the main focus of this look so we have opted for a muted lip. You could use a red if you want to keep it festive but we chose Buffy by Limecrime, a subtle nude. We applied it to the lip with our Bella&Bear Rusty Spotted Cat lip brush for a clean and even finish.

We then brushed through our hair with our Bella&Bear The Bear Paddle Brush for a sleek and tangle free finish, and we pulled it up into a top bun, to keep full focus on those pretty green eyes!

Just perfect! you're ready to see in the new year in style! Have a happy and safe new year kittens, and share your #bellaandbearselfie with us on insta for a chance to be featured!

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