Flip out, it's Pancake day! The perfect excuse to get creative in the kitchen and whip up a tasty treat! Pancakes can come however you prefer, but you know we love something sweet, so today's post will show you some of our fave ways to eat our pancakes! Stack 'em up!

We love to make our own American style pancakes - they're soft, fluffy and oh-so easy to make, so simply grab...

. 200g of Self-Raising Flour
. 1.5 Teaspoon Baking Powder
.1 Tablespoon caster sugar
. 1 Pinch of Salt
. 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence
. 3 Large Eggs
. 25g Melted butter 
. 200ml Milk of Choice

- We start by combining the dry ingredients in a bowl (flour, baking powder, sugar, salt).

- Next, create a 'well' in the centre of your dry ingredients and add in the wet ingredients (eggs, butter, vanilla and milk) a little at a time to make a smooth batter - then transfer into a jug, this will make it easier to pour the batter on to your pan.

- We then heat a teaspoon of butter in a pan until melted and begin pouring rounds of batter on. You can make more than one pancake at a time if your pan allows, just be sure to keep them well apart as they will expand.

- Cook each side of the pancake for 1-2 minutes or until you see tiny little bubbles appearing and popping on their surface! 

- You can then flip the pancakes and repeat on the other side, keep making your pancakes until all of your batter is used up!

- Stack 2-3 pancakes on side plates and top with your fave treats before serving with juice or frosty milkshakes!


Cant decide which you love more; cake or pancakes?! Now you don't have to! Layer your pancakes with vanilla cake icing and generously apply sprinkles to the top - et, voila, the perfect sweet treat! They look so pretty and taste amazing!


Death by chocolate got nothin' on these pancakes! Layer your fluffy pancakes with smooth Nutella spread and then top with crushed wafer biscuits (or chopped hazlenut) and finish with an indulgent Ferrero Rocher!


Your fave fireside treat is getting an indoor makeover! Generously squeeze sweet caramel sauce between your pancakes before topping with marshmallow spread, grated chocolate and of course, a huge chocolate chunk! 

However you enjoy your pancakes, we hope you have a flipping good time - and get creative! Share you snaps with us on Insta and don't forget you can shop our online store right now too, for treats that last past pancake day!