Springtime Skincare Switch-up!

Spring time is finally on the horizon and with the changing of the seasons, so comes the changing of the atmosphere - and dreaded skin changes, too!

Winter sees our skin being dry and broken - sometimes even rough and irritated, due to all the cold, dry air - but when Spring comes around the air is filled with more moisture meaning the skin is less dry and can become more oily. Here are our tips on switching up your skincare routine to be more Spring friendly!

Spring Clean your Kit!

First thing's first - check your existing products expiry dates! Most skincare items have a life of 6 months after opening so make sure that you're not using old products which could be detrimental to your skin's health! Check out our shelf life guide for more information about keeping and storing your products.

Lighten it up

With more moisture in the air when Spring arrives, it's not always a great idea to keep using thick and heavy products like we do throughout the winter - you could end up flooding the skin and causing it to create excess oil and end up with breakouts.

Switch your cream cleansers for a lighter gel or foam formula which will keep skin clean and fresh without the buildup, we love the The BodyShops TeaTree Foaming Cleanser for a budget option and Cliniques Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser for a touch of luxury! Likewise switch your cream moisturiser for a lighter lotion or two-in one product like a tinted moisturiser. 

Wear SPF

We may be stepping on old ground here but this is one of the most basic beauty rules and it'll do you well to follow with it. The sun may not be beating down, hell it might even be cloudy - but wear SPF, your skin will thank you for it in years to come.

You don't have to reach for a tropical scented sun screen, many beauty products now include SPF so check your ingredients and try to opt for something with at least an SPF15, whether it be a moisturiser (we love Benefit's Dream Screen moisturiser) or even a foundation - the Bare Minerals Brightening Serum Foundation is a good choice!

Scrub it.

While the sudden moisture in the air may be a good thing, too much of it can lead to an over oily skin and clogged pores. Stop it in it's tracks.

Exfoliating in the winter is a delicate process but now that your skin has its own moisture going on its a good time to get in there and scrub off those dead skin cells for a radiant glow. Remember though, to save harsher scrubs for summer time and just opt for a gentle exfoliator or peel through the spring - we recommend the Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator. You could even try a tool to help exfoliate the skin rather than a product if your skin is especially sensetive, The BodyShop Facial Brush is a great example of this, as it will work into the skin without having to use harsh products or scrubs.

What do you do to switch up your skincare routine? Share your tips with us!