Stop Everything! LUSH Launches UK Subscription Service!

There is nothing quite like stepping into a hot LUSH bubble bath is there? Vibrant colours, sparkly glitters and ambient scents - and, just when we thought we couldn't love LUSH anymore, they go and surprise us again!

LUSH  have announced that they are officially bringing their subscription service to the UK! Finally! The service is already popular in the US and we Brits cant wait to get in on the action.

The best thing about this subscription service is that it is totally customisable; you choose the products and the frequency in which they arrive at your door (between 1 - 6 months)! Hello monthly supplies of Scrubee and Dragons egg!

The only exceptions to the service are LUSH's Fresh Face Masks as they do expire quickly if not refrigerated - you can still order your faves like Mask of Magnaminty though!


Lush have not confirmed an official launch date for the UK subscription service yet but we're hoping that its in time for Christmas as we'd sure love to find a LUSH subscription under our tree!