The 3 second way you can stop animal testing

It's 2017, many major companies are making steps towards (and becoming!) fully cruelty-free, and some even vegan. The modern world unfortunately means that we know more of the grizzly details about the terrible practises used to create some of our fave products, but on the good side, it also means that we are able to use our modern resources to our advantage and do more about it. Companies are aware that we are becoming more and more conscious of our purchases, wanting them to be cruelty free and eco-friendly and are listening to our demands, changing the way they create and test our products before putting them on the shelves.

The BodyShop was one of the first companies to take action on this, and has been true to its pledge since 1989, selling cruelty free products. Now they have partnered with CrueltyFree International (an animal protection and advocacy group) to collect 8 million signatures from people all around the world for a petition to hand to the United Nations in order to ban animal testing globally - forever.

Although many countries around the world have seen the light have have stopped animal tested cosmetics and skin care being sold there, there are still a few that do allow it - think China and some parts of the US. And although some companies claim their products are cruelty free they are still selling in these countries where animal testing is required by law (we're looking at you M.A.C and L'Oreal) - so how can YOU help to stop this once and for all?

It's simple! Just click here to sign the BodyShop & Cruelty Free International petition and make your voice heard, it takes 3 seconds and could change a cruel industry forever. You can also spread the word further by using the #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting hashtag. Will you sign?

We here at Bella&Bear love our furry friends and our brushes are tested on us and only us, so we can make sure that you will love them! You can shop our collection in our online store now - and don't forget to let us know if you choose to sign the petition!