Ultimate on-the-go makeup with Flesh Beauty Flipbook!

Do you remember those tiny little books of animation you would play with as a child, where the pictures would come to life right before your eyes? Well, now you bring your face to life and glow-on-the-go in the same way, thanks to the innovative new Flipbook from Flesh beauty

Packed with 100 sheets of blush, bronzer and highlight, the 'palette' is the ultimate travel accessory; perfect for popping in your bag on nights out, days out to the beach or even to take to work for touch ups - and bonus, you can take it in your carry on when you fly! The sheets work best when sweeped lightly onto naked skin, but can equally be used after your base routine - just be sure to press them on rather than rubbing! 

Each sheet comes in one of 3 shades which will work for all complexions; a matte pink blush, a rose-shimmer highlight and a golden glimmer bronzer, and all are fragrance-free, simply pull out a the sheet you need and work it over the skin to touch up (don't forget the collar bones for a gorgeous glow!). The Flipbook is smaller than a pack of cards and eliminates the worry of spillages in your purse!

Flipbook is available for $22 at ulta.com right now, and will hit Ulta stores on August 27!