Get your falsies looking expensive AF!

Wispy lashes are all the rage right about now, but a pretty pair can cost you a pretty penny! In today's post we are showing you the simplest hack to get your $1 lashes looking wispy and expensive in just a few quick minutes! You'll never look back!

All you'll need is your lashes still in their casing and your Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx Brow Brush!

Simply take the spoolie end of your brush and begin rubbing it back and forth through the lashes, working from the band to the tips and making sure to get both corners too! you will start to see the lashes separate and look more fluttery and wispy. 

You needn't press down hard when rubbing through the lashes, and don't be scared if the hairs start to go off in different directions - we will sort that later!

You can see here the difference between the lash which has been 'worked' and the one still in its original condition. You will see the biggest difference in a pair of lashes which are quite thick and dramatic to begin with.

You can then go in on the second lash and repeat your work until you are happy with the results, it may take a few minutes.

Finish by brushing through the lashes from the underneath, again from band to tip, to nicely seperate and fan out each hair making for that super wispy look and getting all the hairs going back in the same direction!

Here is our before and after!

This simple hack is so effective and you will be addicted, you'll never need to buy expensive lashes again - and you can also get 15% off of our Iberian Lynx brow brush in our online store right now, simply enter the exclusive code found in our Blogger of the Month Post!