Mothers Day Makeup Tips

Every woman loves to get glammed up for a special occasion .. and what is more special than Mothers day?! Your mum may not be the type to wear makeup each and every day, but on this special day we think its a lovely idea to treat her to a mini makeover before some delicious food at home or her fave restaurant!

It's important to remember that certain styles and tricks work better for certain age groups to help define and accentuate features, while cleverly flattering others. So, that's why, in today's post, we are exploring makeup and beauty hints and tips for specific age ranges, so your mum can feel extra-special this mothers day! 


♡ Choose a foundation for your mum with yellow or golden undertones to brighten skin and disguise any broken capillaries. Its also a good idea to choose a moisturising, less heavy foundation as skin can be drier at this stage and a full coverage foundation can just accentuate this. Use your Bella&Bear Jaguar Angled kabuki to evenly apply your product!

♡ Opt for a peachy or pink blush to add warmth and colour back into the face! Cheekbones become more prominent at this stage of life so use a dusting of matte bronzer just below them to accentuate or if your mum prefers a lighter look then apply your chosen blush just along the top of them - use your Bella&Bear Bobcat Brush for this.

♡ Use a lengthening mascara instead of a volumizing one (which can weigh down sparser lashes) and be sure to curl the lashes before mascara application! Your Bella&Bear Eye&Mighty curler is perfect for this.

♡ Be sure to use a flesh coloured primer to even out skin tone and help disguise 'imperfections' such as broken veins or age spots, rather than a heavy concealer, this will also keep your mums makeup firmly in place and stop it sinking into any fine lines.

♡ You can use a setting powder for your mum - but be wise on where you apply. It can easily settle into fine lines so try just applying it over the nose, forehead and chin and avoid cheeks and the under eye. Use your Bella&Bear Tiger powder brush here!

♡ Choose warm toned eyeshadows for your mums eyes; golds, taupes and creams, to avoid making her look tired or washed out. Matte shadows also help to smooth out the lid perfectly.

♡ If your mum still likes to line her eyes then opt for a gel over a liquid for more control and fluidity rather than it seeping into lines and becoming messy, our Bella&Bear Serval angled liner brush is ideal for this. It's also good to keep the line thin - as close to the lash line as possible, to act as an emphasiser rather than making the eyes appear smaller and shrunken!


♡ Skip concealer which can settle into lines and instead use a subtle highlight to lift the face!

♡ When using your blush, swirl it only onto the apples of mums cheeks to avoid making her looking gaunt and to give a warm look to the skin! Your Bella&Bear Cheetah Duo Fiber Powder brush is perfect for this!

♡ Curl those lashes to make your mum appear more awake and youthful! You can also choose a brown mascara for a softer and less dramatic finish.

♡ Apply your mums lipstick with a brush to avoid bleeding out - lip barriers become softer and less defined with age; our Bella&Bear Rusty Spotted Cat lip brush is ideal. It's also a good idea to avoid dark lipsticks and opt for rosier colours. 

♡ When thinking about eyeshadows; rather than metallics or glitter finishes, select a pearl or soft shimmer shadow for your mum and be sure to use an eyeshadow primer to stop the shadows settling into any lines. 

♡ Primer is a must before applying your mums foundation as it will even out the skins surface and stop product from settling. Speaking of foundation, choose a moisturising one, or a BB Cream for your mum for the most flattering finish - avoid matte foundations as they can make the skin look flat. 

♡ Use a brow powder in place of a pencil for a softer, natural look as brows thin out and become more sparse as we get older. You can soften the finish with your Bella&Bear Iberian Lynx Brow brush.

♡ Choose an eye pencil on the upper waterline and outer corner if the eye instead of a liquid liner to flatter and define the eyes.  

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