New L'Oreal Beauty & The Best Collection is Truly Enchanting

Its set to be the biggest movie of the year and after getting super hyped for the Morgan Taylor X Gelish 'Beauty&The Beast' nail polish collection, we couldn't believe our luck when we heard that massive brand L'Oreal are also releasing their own collection in dedication to the movie!

The collection is set to release today (9th feb) and includes 7 lipsticks and 7 nail polishes named after characters from the film . Each item has been carefully designed to beautifully reflect characters personalities with a range of shades and even an enchanting display case to store them in.


Emblazoned with his signature claw mark, the Beasts royal blue polish and rich brown lipstick are every bit as handsome as he is.


Belle's set features a stunning golden silhouette set on red background.The lipstick and nail polish are a matching true red which will give a classic pop of colour to any look.


the beautiful enchanted rose is represented by a deep red lipstick and a crystal clear polish, encased in truly decadent packaging.


Every bit as charming and timeless as Lumiere himself, this duo features a darling dusty rose shade with stunning Baroque style packaging.


How adorable is Cogsworth's wooden inspired packaging? The red clockwork design is perfectly complimented by the shade within.


Mrs Potts' ladylike manner is perfectly mirrored in this darling pink duo, but its the pearly packaging that we find truly enchanting. 


Even little Fifi gets her own mention in the collection with this stunning vampy shade, finished perfectly with a kiss.

Unfortunately it looks like the collection is only launched on Amazon Italy for now, but we have high hopes that, due to its popularity and hype, the collection will soon work its way to other corners of the globe. You can check out the collection here (90Eur), the lipsticks here (10Eur) and the polishes here (7Eur).